Science Channel visits TeamTMC

Spent all day Saturday, Aug. 29, with the crew from the Science Channel. Although they are very nice people and we enjoyed ourselves, the experience was not exactly what we had expected. We had been building on this machine for so long, we just assumed that we would be ourselves and build, and they would simply walk around and film. Not so fast, back up the train! They had a story to capture, and a job to do, and we had to work hard to mesh our separate goals into one cohesive and entertaining program segment. Hopefully it captured the true essence of the team! Seriously, Nicole, Ben and Chris are true professionals and took a group of video newbies through their paces, (uh, the ringer) and made it a fun and exciting experience. Now---the build must go on! We have a mile marker to hit and a sound barrier to break. So its hands on the grinder and head under the hood. Look out East Coast, the Colorado kids are coming atcha!