Labor Day Test

We finally got Inertia II standing up and spinning.  Wow, is this thing big!  While there is still some room for improvement and design modification, it was a super spin!  Inertia II soars over the TMC building and commands the skyline.  We are going to make some major changes to the arm design in order to reduce the weight of the arms and thereby greatly increase the arm speed and throwing distance capabilities.  While taking the machine down, we lost control of the guidelines and she fell over, impaling one of the arms into the asphalt!  You can see this on the video link for the Labor Day test.  The fact that there was only very minor damage to the machine is a testament to Greg's design and the overall strength of the structure.  We are looking forward to the City of Aurora's Jack O'Launch competition the second weekend of October.  Hopefully we have completed the design changes and will be ready to introduce Inertia II to the world!!