Film crew visits again and witnesses bitchin' crash!

With the new design arm in place, Inertia II was slowly raised into place. The new lightweight arm made managing the lift much easier, and the new A-frame design made it much safer. The new arm looked good, and definitely cut through the wind. It had great inline stability and was very structurally sound. Several factors played in the arm coming off. High cross winds, the yellow wind break at the tip of the arm was not perfectly straight, which made gave it a rudder effect, pushing it to the side. Also, the lateral guide wire came loose, but did not break, hinting that it was not correctly tightened. In the video, you can clearly see the lateral wire giving way first, which caused the arm to move to the side, which was clearly not designed to do. We are going back to an all steel arm, smaller tube diameter, simpler design, strengthened by guide wires. The really best part of the day, was the film shoot of Greg for the promos and commercials for the National competition in Delaware. Greg looked awesome and, in my humble opinion, is THE new face of Punkin Chunkin!! We still hope to make Jack O'Launch in Aurora on October 10th. And Delaware, of course we will be there! We will not quit! Thomas Edison tried a thousand ways NOT to make a light bulb. Hopefully we can make a pumpkin launcher in 3 tries. Keep watching the Science Channels for our commercials. TeamTMC rocks!!