3rd Time is the Charm!!

Holy cow!!! Inertia II rocks!! On a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon, Greg took Inertia II and her 3rd arm for a test spin and they, repeat they, were a raving success! Inertia II spun EXACTLY as she was intended to do. After 2 arm redesigns, we built a 3rd arm using smaller diameter steel pipe and adjusted the total arm weight to the specs of the aluminum arm. This arm is sleek, simple, strong and very graceful. Greg repeatedly tested the arm at increasing speeds, testing the brake. All went VERY well. We then tested the throwing sling, using paper filled with 10lbs. of sand. At idle speed, in 1st gear, it went approximately 250 ft! Think how far it will go at full speed! This was an overwhelmingly successful day, considering all the character building setbacks we have worked through in the last couple of months. The only "downside" was the fact that Greg kinda freaked out when the arm was in 2nd gear and whizzing by his face so fast with that distinctive helicopter sound. We are going to add a security cage and expanded metal shield for him before we crank it up to 5th gear. However, after the successful test, we have no doubt Inertia II will perform perfectly!