Almost there!!

Jack-O-Launch was another successful failure-it was a success in that we proved that we could set Inertia II up in the field, with no equipment at hand; and we were able to throw a pumpkin almost 1300 ft.-IN FIRST GEAR! It was a failure in that the final throw twisted our Toyota truck drive axle like a pretzel. With a little time left, we have repaired the axle, but have no time to set it up and test it. We are too busy mating the parts together to transform the gargantuous machine into its own self-made trailer. Transformers have nothing on Inertia II. Watch this!!! It is obvious that the release point of the pumpkin is critical and needs far more advancement than the previous electrical design allowed. Again this will be solved either before the trip or on the field in Delaware.

Inertia II has proven herself worthy and we look forward to easing her into full power on the battlefield in Delaware!!