Halloween Night

"Twas the night before departure, and all through the house"...ooops sorry, wrong story. The trailer is loaded, the RV is packed, the very long list is completed and the errands all run. The tools are all packed and the anticipation is peaking. Tomorrow morning we leave at 0430 for Delaware with Inertia II and most of the family. We sent Pumpkin Rover ahead, along with the axle and ALL of the specialty components that make this punkin chunker so unique. The commercials for the Science Channel have started airing and Greg was seen, along with his TeamTMC. The series is supposed to air on Thanksgiving, so put that date on the calendar and watch what happens at the National Punkin Chunkin Contest. A VERY special thanks to all of our friends at Deb's Kitchen and Tipper's in Arvada for the gift last night. It will certainly help pay for gas for a large part of the drive. You guys are the best!! Look out Delaware, TeamTMC is on the move!!!