We went big!!!

What an amazing weekend at the World Punkin Chunkin Championship!!! We took 2nd in our division! Utterly amazing for a "newbie" Greg and Inertia II threw an astounding 1782.97ft. the second day. Today, day 3, we tried to bust the record or bust the machine. Alas, we busted the machine. The axle broke while trying to ramp the speed on the last throw, and the pumpkin dribbled out about 60ft. We can't say enough about the fantastic people there. Everyone welcomed us, helped us out and cheered us on! Talk about hospitality! By the end of the competition, everyone was our best friends. Sorry, Lynn, but we definitely want to go again next year. Everyone loved Greg's design, and you could just see the heads spinning with ideas for next year's competition!

The trip out was 33.75 hrs, 1776 miles, averaging 52.8 MPG. The weather was fantastic and we had no big problems. We left Denver Sunday morning at 5a.m. and arrived in Bridgeville, DE around 1p.m. on Tuesday. It took 2 days to set the machine up and get ready for the competition.