Almost There!

After a month of testing in Merino, CO and at Jack-O-Launch in Aurora, we still have yet to get a toss worthy of a world record. Every time we set it up, we are successful failures. We have fixed it and broken it and fixed it... Our brand new throwing arm (hopefully the 4th time is the charm)is the strongest one yet and we think it will work great! With one week to go before leaving for Delaware, we still need to rebuild the gear reduction mounts and we are going from #50 single chain to #50 double chain. So that means, yes, we have to mount the extra sprocket on the tower and the transmission. Never fear, we have been in this position before (uh, like last year), and we are confident that we will prevail. The shredded sling has been replaced with a heavy duty, stronger one. After reviewing the footage from Jack-O-Launch, we determined our sling problem was really a problem with the arm tip that releases the sling for the throw. A new mechanical release has to be constructed. There is no time now for a set up and test. We just have to make sure that everything fits, pack it up and head for Delaware. The fine people at Tipper's (our engineering department) have scheduled a fund raiser for us. It is Friday, October 29, at 5:00p.m. 6050 W. 55th Place, Arvada. There will be drink specials, and door prizes, not to mention items available for raffle. PR2 will be parked out front and we invite all of our friends and supporters to sign the machine. Hope to see everyone there for a good time and to wish us good luck! We are still very confident that we can hit the mile! As with every good invention, there is a constant amount of tinkering and adjusting! Inertia II rules!!