Punkin Chunkin 2015

Sorry that we haven't posted in a long time, but life just got really busy!

2014 WCPunkin Chunkin was cancelled as most of you know. We focused our energy on Punkin Chunkin Colorado, which was held at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, by the City of Aurora. This is a WCPCA sanctioned event and the 1st ever 2 day event for the Colorado contest.

2015 is coming up quickly, and there is a lot to tell. First of all, the WCPCA event is being held at the Dover International Speedway. Because of distance restrictions, Inertia II has decided not to attend. Also, no other big centrifugal machines are competing, so we would have been thrown into a different category. We will miss all of our friends and fans out in Delaware. We look forward to 2016, and hope that we will be able to attend the WCPCA contest. We apologize to our fans that support us.

However, on the very bright side, we will again be competing at the Punkin Chunkin Colorado contest, to be held October 10 and 11th, at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds. This will again be a 2 day event. The City of Aurora has worked very hard to make this a premier event.

Without giving away too much information, it is very possible that some of the world class machines from Delaware will be attending!!! Put it on your calendars, come out early, because this is sure to be a stellar weekend!!!