And it begins...!!!

June 1st marked the end of the "parent/boss" imposed moratorium on Punkin Chunkin. And so, away we go. We have been at it hard for a couple of weekends now, and we are very pleased with the progress we have made! The broken axle is a thing of the past now. We have replaced the 1" dia drive axle with a 3 3/4" high strength steel axle. Don't think this one will twist and break. The little Suzuki 4 banger just didn't quite cut it for the power curve. So...we decided to replace it with something a LITTLE bigger. Yea, a 454 Chevy ought to do! Got it mounted and fired up. Don't think we are going to need an air horn to alert the guys down range. You will be able to hear this thing a mile away...which is about how far the spotters are going to need to back up! Changing the name of the power unit from PR1 to PR2, since only the frame is the original. Got the 13 hp APU mounted, and also mounted the air compressor, hydraulic pump (custom steel reservoir included), electrical generator. It all barely fit, but fit it did. Greg is good!!

Next up is rear axle suspension and hydraulic motors. Then it is set the thing up and spin test, spin test, spin test!! Watch out for flying pumpkins. TeamTMC is on the roll!