On Track and Rolling

It's now mid-July and we are still on track for a late August test. We don't want to pull the same thing as last year, pulling 80 hr weeks up until the drive to Delaware. It's hot, really hot. It's tiring. It's a lot of work. Did I mention it's hot 101 degrees! Still, passion and faith persevere! PRII has almost all of the major components in place now. Hydraulics and electrical systems are soon to follow. There is, however, one complex mechanical manipulation yet to be accomplished. The stakes in the ground are going to be cool. No more of the "merry-go-round" installation. The boys complained too much about the "forehead to baseball bat" game type of maneuver to drive the stakes into the ground last year. This year the hydraulic motor that drives the wench will double as a power auger. Nice!

Contact us for information on when and where the test launch will occur. Please include "Test Launch Viewing" in the subject line of an email to teamtmc@inertia2.com for more information.