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We did it!!!

Inertia II unseated the 15 year World Champion Bad to the Bone with a shot of 2333.42 feet and we took first place in the Centrifugal Division. We will have video of the shot up soon as well as pictures of the event later in the week. 

Inertia II wins it all!

Inertia II won the Grand Champion trophy at the Punkin Chunkin Colorado event, held at the Arapahoe County Fairgrounds on October 8th!  Although the weather was WAY less than desirable, and kept countless people from attending this event, the machine worked very well in the snow (YES, it was snowing AND raining AND visibility was nothing).  We were able to throw a distance that gave us the 1st Colorado Punkin Chunkin traveling trophy, which is on display at Tipper's Inn.  

On that note, this Friday, October 28th, Tipper's Inn and Deb's Kitchen will be hosting the 2011 Fundraiser and Kick Off Party to help send Inertia II and our team to Delaware for the 2011 World Championship Punkin Chunkin competition in Delaware.  The event at Tipper's is a fundraiser/costume party, so don't be shy, put on your best costume and come out and join the fun!  There will be raffle tickets, door prizes, free food and drink specials!  This event has always blown us away with the generosity of our friends and family! It is always a humbling experience to see the support and enthusiasm shown for Team TMC and Inertia II.  

See the article below for links to maps and directions to Tipper's Inn.  Hope to see you there!

Kick Off to Delaware Party

Join us for the Kick Off Party/Fundraiser to send us on our way to Delaware. The party will be Friday, October 28th at 5 p.m. at Tipper's Inn (Click Here for Directions), sponsored by Deb's Kitchen at Tipper's Inn. The event will feature raffles, drink specials, free food and a chance to wish us luck in Delaware. PR2 (Punkin Rover 2) will be out front to sign, if you didn't get a chance to last year.

This has become a yearly tradition! Come and join us!! It is always a good time and the support of our friends and family is truly a gift...Thank You!! We hope to see you all there. Feel free to contact us with questions, contact information can be found here.

Oklahoma is OK!!!

We had an absolutely terrific week in Boise City, OK entertaining people for the Cimarron County Free Fair this past weekend!  We had a  very busy weekend.  The Science Channel came and did some filming for the Road to Punkin Chunkin 2011 show.  It was a very cool and rainy day, but Inertia II and our great crew managed to pull off some pretty spectacular throws on Thursday!  Friday and Saturday were very warm and windy.  We got off almost 25 shots on the 3 days, with most at or over 2,000 ft.!  

Our photo gallery has been updated with highlights of our weekend in Oklahoma.  Check it out!

Many thanks to the wonderful people in Boise City who supported and applauded Inertia II!  Special thanks to Debra and Howard Rebel, Bob who feed us breakfast every day, and provided a very tasty BBQ Friday nite.  Thanks also to the Rocking A Cafe, the Yellow Horse and Pizza Hut for providing lunches.  We especially enjoyed touring around the fair grounds and watching the pumpkin weigh ins, and the young horse riders that let us take pictures with them.  Many, many people came to watch us throw and let us explain all about Inertia II.  We are obviously thrilled with our little hobby, and definitely enjoy explaining all the wonderful aspects of the machine.  Most of all we appreciate the warm and friendly reception from the people of Boise City, thanks again for making us feel very welcome!

We are very happy with the performance of Inertia II and are looking forward to giving Bad to the Bone a run for his money this year!  This looks to be the best year for Inertia II and can't wait for Delaware.  In the mean time, we are taking Inertia II to Punkin Chunkin Colorado at the Arapahoe County fair grounds on Saturday, October 8th.  The city of Aurora's former Jack O'Launch is now a sanctioned Punkin Chunkin event, with a new location, a new name and many exciting changes.   Come and see us there!

Inertia II's 2011 tour continues...last stop...Delaware and Punkin Chunking 2011!  We're coming at ya!!!

And it the Cimarron County Fair

Punkin Chunkin 2011 is now officially under way!! It has been a long and relaxing summer and now we are excited about showing the world what Inertia II can do.

All are welcome to join us at the Cimarron County Fair, in Boise City, OK on September 15, 16 and 17th. We have been invited to set up our machine and look forward to 3 days of firing, testing and dialing in Inertia II's complex systems. The fair is just a short 300 mile trip from Denver, just south of Lamar Colorado, on Highway 287. Oh, and we are going to absolutely WOW the crowd!!!

I am also happy to announce that the city of Aurora's Jack O'Launch is now called Punkin Chunkin Colorado, and is a sanctioned event taking place at the Arapahoe County Fair grounds on October 8, 2011. I have to confess that our appearance at Punkin Chunkin Colorado will be determined by the outcome of the event in Oklahoma. As of this year, Punkin Chunkin colorado is limited to 2500 ft on their field. If we can get the machine dialed in for close to a mile, it is unlikely that we will want to reset it, and risk damaging anything before the World Championship in Delaware. Nevertheless, we will compete at Punkin Chunkin Colorado, at the very least with our original, and faithful trebuchet made of steel.