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And it begins...!!!

June 1st marked the end of the "parent/boss" imposed moratorium on Punkin Chunkin. And so, away we go. We have been at it hard for a couple of weekends now, and we are very pleased with the progress we have made! The broken axle is a thing of the past now. We have replaced the 1" dia drive axle with a 3 3/4" high strength steel axle. Don't think this one will twist and break. The little Suzuki 4 banger just didn't quite cut it for the power curve. So...we decided to replace it with something a LITTLE bigger. Yea, a 454 Chevy ought to do! Got it mounted and fired up. Don't think we are going to need an air horn to alert the guys down range. You will be able to hear this thing a mile away...which is about how far the spotters are going to need to back up! Changing the name of the power unit from PR1 to PR2, since only the frame is the original. Got the 13 hp APU mounted, and also mounted the air compressor, hydraulic pump (custom steel reservoir included), electrical generator. It all barely fit, but fit it did. Greg is good!!

Next up is rear axle suspension and hydraulic motors. Then it is set the thing up and spin test, spin test, spin test!! Watch out for flying pumpkins. TeamTMC is on the roll!

Denver Science Channel Programming Information - Denver & Nearby Areas

The 2 hr Science Channel special will air Thursday, November 26th - Thanksgiving - at 6p.m. The Road to Punkin Chunkin and 7 p.m. Punkin Chunkin 2009. Comcast channels are: 272-Science Channel and 683-Science Channel HD.

2nd Place!!!

After all the paperwork and results were in, Inertia II placed 2nd in our division, Adult Centrifugal Machines with a throw of 1782.97 ft.!!! There was some agonizing controversy over whether our throw was counted because of confusion over the timing rules. All seems to be straightened out, and the results show our 2nd place results!

We returned today, November 11th from the trip and although we had a stupendously good time in Delaware, the Rocky Mountains sure looked good driving in on I70. Aside from some wiring problems with the trailer lights on the way home, using up 4 fuses before Greg fixed the problem, the drive was uneventful, just really long. We are grateful for a safe trip.

All we talked about on the way home was returning next year! Our heads were spinning with ideas, and of course the conversation around the dinner table was Punkin Chunkin and more Punkin Chunkin!

We just cannot say enough about the gracious and welcoming atmosphere we received from our fellow competitors. Sussex County Delaware has a lot of mighty fine people and we are looking forward to Punkin Chunkin 2010!

TeamTMC rocks! Thanks to Greg, Diane, Michael, Matthew, Sean, Christy, Lloyd and Shirley, and Alex for a super effort!!!

We went big!!!

What an amazing weekend at the World Punkin Chunkin Championship!!! We took 2nd in our division! Utterly amazing for a "newbie" Greg and Inertia II threw an astounding 1782.97ft. the second day. Today, day 3, we tried to bust the record or bust the machine. Alas, we busted the machine. The axle broke while trying to ramp the speed on the last throw, and the pumpkin dribbled out about 60ft. We can't say enough about the fantastic people there. Everyone welcomed us, helped us out and cheered us on! Talk about hospitality! By the end of the competition, everyone was our best friends. Sorry, Lynn, but we definitely want to go again next year. Everyone loved Greg's design, and you could just see the heads spinning with ideas for next year's competition!

The trip out was 33.75 hrs, 1776 miles, averaging 52.8 MPG. The weather was fantastic and we had no big problems. We left Denver Sunday morning at 5a.m. and arrived in Bridgeville, DE around 1p.m. on Tuesday. It took 2 days to set the machine up and get ready for the competition.

Halloween Night

"Twas the night before departure, and all through the house"...ooops sorry, wrong story. The trailer is loaded, the RV is packed, the very long list is completed and the errands all run. The tools are all packed and the anticipation is peaking. Tomorrow morning we leave at 0430 for Delaware with Inertia II and most of the family. We sent Pumpkin Rover ahead, along with the axle and ALL of the specialty components that make this punkin chunker so unique. The commercials for the Science Channel have started airing and Greg was seen, along with his TeamTMC. The series is supposed to air on Thanksgiving, so put that date on the calendar and watch what happens at the National Punkin Chunkin Contest. A VERY special thanks to all of our friends at Deb's Kitchen and Tipper's in Arvada for the gift last night. It will certainly help pay for gas for a large part of the drive. You guys are the best!! Look out Delaware, TeamTMC is on the move!!!